BankruptcyShould you use a dash cam in your vehicle in Connecticut?

January 29, 20240
Imagine the following scenario:


You are stopped at a red light at a four-way intersection. Your light turns green
and you proceed into the intersection. Suddenly, a vehicle from your left smashes
into your driver’s side door and seriously injures you.

You and the other vehicle are the only two cars near the intersection. There are
no witnesses or traffic cameras that captured the collision. When police arrive,
the other driver claims he had the green light and you ran a red light.

In a situation like this, a “dash cam”, (dashboard camera) in your vehicle would be
invaluable to prove that you proceeded on a green light and the other driver was
at fault for the collision.

Dash Cams are legal to utilize in Connecticut. The only restriction is that it can not
be mounted so as to obstruct your field of vision. Many people mount them in
front of the rear-view mirror to avoid any field of vison obstruction.

A Dash Cam can be a valuable tool in the event of a collision.

(1) Images recorded can assist in the proof that the other driver caused the
(2) This also assists the involved insurance carriers (including yours) in
determining liability.
(3) Often times, when a dash cam is plainly visible, it acts as a deterrent to
theft and vandalism of your car while not occupied.
(4) A dash cam can assist in hit-and-run collisions to both prove that the
collision occurred and to identify the fleeing at-fault vehicle.

If you are injured in a motor vehicle collision, a dash cam can be a powerful tool
to prove the collision occurred and who was at fault. Consult with an experienced
personal injury attorney and share your dash cam video with your attorney.